LeaseI can protect your company when it is leasing commercial property or administering an existing relationship with a lessor. For example:

  • If the lessor has a lawyer and you do not, the bargaining table will be tilted in the lessor’s favor. Call me. I will level the bargaining table.
  • If the lessor does not have a lawyer, the lessor’s lease form may be outdated, not matched to the type of property being leased, not suited to local laws and regulations, or worse yet, may include waivers of your rights as lessee under applicable statutes and regulations. When I enter a situation of this type, I act quickly to correct such deficiencies.


  • I will make sure that everything you were promised in lease negotiations actually gets written into your lease.
  • If and when there is any dispute between you and your lessor, I will insure that the basis for the dispute’s resolution is a fair and complete reading of your lease, not the lessor’s opinions or preferences.

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